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You Feel Me?

Oct 16, 2018

International rap phenomenon Princess Nokia talks about her activism, artistic progression, and some of her earliest conscientious objections in Catholic school.


01:00 Hood 2 La Gente

08:00 My brother the violinist

12:00 Dignified rebellion 

25:00 Wavy Spice & A$AP Yams

30:00 Credits and headphone...

Oct 4, 2018

Philly singer-rapper Lil Zubin a.k.a. "the SoundCloud Weeknd" discusses Post Emo, accidentally becoming a singer, and his underground breakout Misery EP.




05:00 Emo days


09:20 Discovered by Working On Dying


13:00 Who is Ned?


19:00 Post Emo


28:00 Credits and headphone discount...

Oct 2, 2018

Philadelphia-based rapper and UPenn grad Ivy Sole talks about where to get the right cheesesteak, independent artistry, and her new record Overgrown.




02:30 Philly bodegas and Gremlin juice


06:15 Independent hustle 101


13:30 Is Philly diverse?


18:00 Choosing your path


29:10 The East & West...