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You Feel Me?

Jul 3, 2018

Episode 3 features Vincent Neff and David Maclean of Django Django. Hear Vincent talk about growing up in the Northern Ireland Conflict, meeting David in art school, and pub culture. David shares about growing up a hip-hop head, being a vinyl-only DJ, and learning to loop cassette tapes.

Show Highlights:
1:43: David talks about techniques he picked up while djing and making beats and its importance to Django Djangos earlier work

9:00: David talks about his dream to continue art and create his own album artwork

10:50: Vincent shares when he found out he was dyslexic

13:20: David and Vincent talk about the first instruments they picked up

16:20: Vincent and David talk about their experience in the 90’s rave scene

20:20: Django Django talk about incorporating and executing samples in their work.

26:50: Vincent recounts actually starting djing Django with David after graduation and how Myspace lead to their success.

20:50: David and Vincent talk about having to form a band and learning their instruments on the fly in order to perform live gigs and their intro to touring

34:45: Vincent and David talk about the reception Django Django received after their debut release

36:30: Vincent and David talk about working on their newest album and preforming new music vs old music live.