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You Feel Me?

May 14, 2018

In episode 1 of Skullcandy’s new podcast You Feel Me? host Lee Shaner is joined by rising r&b/pop artist Amber Mark. Amber talks getting signed the same year she put her music on SoundCloud, growing up in a Tibetan monastery, and how her mother’s battle with cancer influenced her debut EP, 3:33am.

:10 Amber gets signed off her soundcloud single

9:50 Amber on growing up in a Tibetan Monastery

16:16 Amber's strained relationship with her father

30:25 Amber's mom's diagnosis and struggle with cancer

34:05 Amber on making emotional dance songs

37:33 Amber on artist insecurities after a successful debut EP

38:45 Amber shares where her EP name, 3:33, came from