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You Feel Me?

Jul 10, 2018

In episode 4, host Lee Shaner talks with Kyle Thomas a.k.a. King Tuff. Tuff talks about his new record The Other, being the only guy in a staff of women at a thrift store, playing in a band with J Mascis, and his “pet” raccoons.


3:30 Tuff talks early musical influences

10:25 Tuff talks about his musical projects before King Tuff and playing with J Mascis

17:29 Tuff talks about touring with Matt & Kim and gaining a larger following

20:48 Tuff talks about recording with the now popular Tascam 388 tape recorder

24:00 Tuff talks about his mystical signing with the Sub Pop record label

26:55 Tuff talks about early touring days and partying

28:00 Tuff talks living in Laurel Canyon at a place Father John Misty stayed at

32:00 Tuff talks about creating his new album The Other

41:00 Credits and headphone discount code