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You Feel Me?

Jun 28, 2018

In episode 2, host Lee Shaner talks with Kelly Zutrau, lead singer of Brooklyn-based Wet. Kelly opens up about her time at art school, rebellious youth, and how writing songs in her bedroom accidentally became a career.

Show Highlights -

2:30 Kelly shares what music she’s feeling while on tour 

4:47 Kelly talks about how her acceptance into the prestigious art school Cooper Union saved her life and led to a career in music

9:50 Kelly talks about her history with the unusual diet of Macrobiotics

14:20 Kelly mentions some musical influences from her childhood

27:40 Lee and Kelly talk about millennial’s struggle with saving money and Lee’s theory on why several musicians develop in art school

29:30 Kelly and Lee talk about how fan and label expectations negatively affect true artistry 

32:00 Kelly talks about how Wet formed out of a giant folk band with friends from art school

37:10 Kelly shares how she feels about whether or not her creativity to write songs will last

40:12 Kelly talks about how her success with Wet has affected her romantic relationships

43:00 credits and discount code for headphones